Friday, June 4, 2010

Simple Baby Shower Cake

I made this cake for my daughter's baby shower a couple weeks back. This is an example of a simple cake anyone can make.

First, I put together a simple 6" and 10" stacked cake. I made chocolate cake with chocolate hazelnut filling and white cake with dulce de leche filling. It is frosted with a whipped frosting that I purchase at Sams.

Once the cake was shacked, I attached ribbon around the bottom of both tiers. Next I added craft foam hearts and dots of various sizes and colors. To finish it off, I added a multi-color curly ribbon package topper and a few silk flowers in corresponding colors. Set it on a cute cake board and add a few more curlies and you have a cute cake with very little work involved!

For the topper, I again used craft foam hearts, dots and letters hot glued on 18 gauge florist wire.

We are so excited about your arrival, Sydney!!!