Monday, September 27, 2010

Tiffany Blue & Brown Wedding Cake

My daughter, Ruth, and I made this wedding cake this past weekend.

The top and bottom layers are Classic White with my dulce de leche filling. The middle layer is Devil's Food chocolate with my chocolate hazelnut filling. It's frosted with buttercream with fondant add-ons.

I made this sheet cake to get the amount of servings they wanted and maintain the size of wedding cake they asked for. It's a good way to stretch the cake and it's also less expensive than adding layers to the wedding cake.

This sheet cake was Strawberry filled with strawberry syrup.

Tuxedo Cake Update

This is an update to the Tuxedo Cake post I did last November.

When I did this cake, we couldn't get the large strawberries like the bride wanted. So she took delivery without the strawberries. A friend of mine who was at the wedding dipped small strawberries in chocolate and did this arrangement.

I thought it turned out great!! Thanks, Becky!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Woody (Toy Story) Cake

My daughter, Ruth, and I made this Woody cake for a customer this weekend. Everything is edible except the hat and Woody.

All three layers are frosted with buttercream. We used fondant for the cow print, rope, belt & buckle and the star.

Hope you had a Happy 3rd Birthday, Conner!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ruth & Kami's Baby Shower

I made this cake and cookies for my daughter's baby shower.

The cake is frosted with the whipped frosting from Sam's, with fondant addons. The bottom layer was Devil's Food with my chocolate hazelnut filling. The top layer was white with my dulce de leche filling.

The cake design is not original with me. Ruth found it on the Flickr and wanted one just like it. The original cake was covered with fondant.

The baby rattles are chocolate. The baby carriages are white. I cover my cookies with a glaze, then pipe on top of that.

Hope you had a good time Ruth! Can't wait for Kami to get here!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Hot Pink & Zebra Cake

I made this cake for a customer's 30th birthday!!

I was so impressed. Her husband took care of all the details without her knowing a thing about it!!

Hope you had a Happy Surprise Birthday, Amy!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cupcake Cake & Cookies

This cute Cupcake Cake was made for my granddaughter's third birthday party.

This was a first attempt and I will definitely be doing it again!! I purchased the Wilton pan for it and thought it was a bit pricey even with a 40% off coupon. But I'm sure that I will use it again and again.

I know, it's missing the cherry on top! I put the cake together at my daughter's house and I was so sure she would have cherries since she likes them so much that I didn't take my own. She just loves those cherries so much that she can't keep them around!!

I also made 3 1/2 dozen of these cookies to go along with the cake.

Hope you had a very happy birthday, Sylvie!!