Saturday, April 11, 2009

Making Cookies & Memories

I babysat three of my granddaughters tonight while their mom and dad had a rare night out by themselves. We decided to make and decorate cookies.

Here are the aspiring cookie makers!

The hardest part was keeping them from eating the dough while I was rolling it out!

Here they are cutting out their cookies. My six-year-old granddaughter wanted to use the cross cookie cutter because it was "very special."

I rolled out a small amount of dough, then let them take turns cutting their cookies. After I put them on the cookie sheet, we repeated the process. After the second time, the three year old decided watching a movie would be a much better use of her time!

When she left, there was an empty chair at the bar for her twenty-month-old sister!! Here she is with some cookie dough she nabbed! But isn't she a sweetie?

Turns out, getting to decorate cookies is better than a movie any day!

The finished product.

The best part of the evening!

The icing didn't have time to set before their daddy was ready to go, so they had to eat them while it was still wet. My three year old granddaughter didn't like getting the icing on her hands, so she tried eating her cookie hands-free!!

She didn't mind getting it on her face!!

What a fun night of making cookies and memories!

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