Monday, January 18, 2010

Decorated Cookies: Hats, Purses and Dresses

I made these decorated cookies for a tea party we had at my home today. My mom is out from CA and we always try to fit in a tea party when she visits. It was so much fun and the 'girlie' cookies were the perfect accent!!

There were twelve of us counting my four granddaughters, ages 2 - 6. They had their own separate table complete with cookies and teacups!
I used this cookie recipe and this glaze recipe. A double batch of dough made fifty-five hats, purses and dresses. A double batch of the glaze was more than enough to this amount of cookies.
Here's a picture of our table all set and ready to enjoy! I think it looked better in person - the napkins look a bit floppy and disorganized here.

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  1. Take it from someone who was at this tea party, these cookies looked too good to eat, but once you eat one you're addicted!