Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Using The Cricut Cake Mini

I've been experimenting with my Cricut Cake Mini and I'm loving it!

It was purchased to do a specific wedding cake, and since that happens this weekend, I decided last week that I needed to learn how to use it. I was a bit concerned when I got online and read all these horror stories! There were a few positive users, but most of the ones I read told about how they wasted their money buying the machine.

For my first attempt, I used Buff Goldman fondant. That was a disaster!! I was so aggravated that I put the machine away and tried to find other options for the wedding cake I'm doing. But since I couldn't find anything else to use that would give me the look I wanted, I bit the bullet and pulled the machine out again.

This time I used Wilton Gum Paste. That apparently was the trick!

I put a generous amount of shortening on the mat, then rolled my gum paste directly onto it using my small fondant roller. I then cut the edges inside the guide lines of the mat. Next, and this is what I think really made the difference, I put it in the freezer for three to four minutes.

I did run into one problem. It was going great, everything coming out just as I wanted, then all of a sudden everything I tried was just tearing up something terrible. I had changed colors of gum paste, but I didn't really think that would make a difference. After about four attempts, leaving it in the freezer longer, then less, rolling it thinner, then thicker, I figured out that there was buildup on my blade! So I cleaned that off and all was well. So now I check for that every couple of cuts.

I only have two cartridges. I have the Cake Basics that my machine came with, and I have the George and Basic Shapes, which came with my Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter.

Since I'm putting each rolled out sheet in the freezer before cutting, I'm going to get at least one more mat so that I don't have so much down time while waiting for the gum paste to freeze.

My machine was purchased at Joann's (which is no more since the tornado went through town), for $99. But last week they were advertised for $79.00. I really wanted one of the full-size machines, but couldn't justify the almost $300 price tag! Maybe, if I find that I really use this machine a lot, I'll feel better about buying the full size machine.

Good luck on using your Cricut Cake if you have one, and if you have any questions, feel free to send me an email.

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