Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Good Use For Last Year's Christmas Cards

Are you like me and hate to throw out those Christmas cards after Christmas? Some of them are just so pretty!!

Last year, I think it was in March or April actually, I decided to toss the Christmas cards. But then, they were so pretty, and there just had to be a good use for perfectly good Christmas cards. So I cut off the front part and kept them.

While browsing online today I came across this. Perfect!!

I didn't have the foam ball on hand, so I used a spool of thread. And I couldn't find my red ribbon, so I used tinsel instead.

I think theirs look a little better than mine, but you get the idea.

So go ahead and save those Christmas cards for next year!!

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  1. Really Mom? When does your creativity stop?!! How did I miss this gene? lol