Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fire Truck Cake

I made this fire truck cake this weekend for the first birthday of a little boy whose father is a fireman in our area. It was fairly easy to make, but I had quite a time getting the fondant even close to the right shade of red!
Also, the fondant had tiny little splits that didn't go all the way through. They initally appeared on the cab, so I rolled it thicker for the back of the truck, thinking I had just rolled it too thin. But it happened there as well. I mentioned it to my friend who also decorates cakes, but doesn't do much with fondant, and she thought she remembered the teacher in our cake decorating classes telling us to use gum paste in our fondant. Anyone know anything about that?
Anyway, I hope Carter had a Happy First Birthday!!


  1. This is an amazing cake!!! I bet everyone gave you huge raves!!

  2. Saw your cake here

    It's in the first row, I was very impressed with it, do you work for CoCo Contempo?

  3. Hi Anonymous,
    I do not work for CoCo Contempo and have no explanation as to why my cake is on their site!! I copied this cake from this site:, but made a few changes such as adding the sun and the candy border. This was also one of my first cakes and I used foil to cover my cake board! Oh, well, I guess I'm flattered that they liked my cake!!

  4. It's me again, Anonymous,

    I looked at CoCo Contempo's blog and discovered that they are featuring the wedding cake I did for my son and his wife on their blog!! It's the Saturday, May 29 post titled "Two Days - Too Many Cakes." I posted pictures of it on my August 12, 2009 post titled "Nate & Jen's Wedding." I'm now wondering how many other pictures on their blog and website belong to other people??? Very interesting!!

  5. Hello again, Anonymous,
    The Bike Picture and Nate & Jen's Wedding Cake pics have been removed from CoCo Contempo's gallery, but but wedding cake is still on the "I Am CoCo" page. My Fire Truck Cake is still there as of now. It's a bit telling since it has Joplin Fire on the side!! Too funny!!

  6. Well I am glad they are taking some down, shame on them!!