Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Floured Hoodlums!

I just had to post these pictures of two of my granddaughters!

The older one, who is three, decided it would really enhance their sliding experience if she poured a five pound bag of flour on the slide. And while you're at it, why not get another bag to dump on your sister's head?!?! (She's twenty months old).

Needless to say, their mommy wasn't too happy about the mess. She apparently has no sense of humor. Where did I go wrong?!?
But since I'm a grandma, I've earned the right to laugh about it!

Although, after this incident, fearing for my daughter's sanity and my granddaughter's well-being, I kept the instigator for a couple of days!

Don't they look like a couple of hoodlums?

I'm going to be keeping these hoodlums, plus their six year old sister, for fifteen days while their mom and dad are out of the country on a missions trip this summer.

I may not be laughing so loud then!

I've already started making a list of things for their grandpa to do around the house in preparation of their visit - not necessarily for the safety of the grand kids, but to insure the safety of our own mental health!

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