Saturday, May 23, 2009

Shamu Cake

I made this Shamu cake this week. Please don't laugh at him - you might hurt his feelings! I forgot his eyes!!!!! And his tail is deformed and seriously out of proportion with his body!

I made the whale using a rice crispy treats recipe, then iced it with butter cream and then covered it with fondant. I then cut away the fondant for the white parts.

I made the tail the same way, but I didn't realize it was too thick until it was already covered with fondant. I didn't have anymore black fondant and it was too late to get more, hence the out of proportion tail!

His tail probably wouldn't have looked so bad had I made his tail fins bigger. Then they started falling apart on me. So if you were to look close you would see a lot of patching going on! And I know, I know - they aren't shaped right. But he was lucky to even have tail fins at that point!!

The water is blue butter cream icing. I used a spoon to pull the waves up. If I do this cake again, I think I will try tinted piping gel for the water, that way it would be shiny.

Oh, well, better luck next time!! But this was a really fun cake to make!

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