Thursday, July 16, 2009

Book Case Dressup

I bought this book case a few months back and put it in the guest bedroom, which has a green, pink and white color scheme. (I built the color scheme around a quilt top that my husband's grandmother put together years ago.)
But the bookcase was just so stark white. I thought about painting it, then discarded that idea. Then I got the idea to cover it with different patterns of scrapbook paper in keeping with the "patchwork quilt" theme.

So I bought a book of scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby that I thought went best with my colors. (And there's that door again! I really am going to do something with it soon.) I blued the paper to the sides of the shelf using Mod Podge. Here's a picture showing my progress.

After I covered both sides with the paper, I used pink & green rick-rack to cover the frame and front edges of the shelves. The bedskirt is green with a pink rick-rack type trim, so this kind of tied it all together. I just hot glued it on.

This was before I covered the shelf edges.

Had to take a break to feed a hungry toddler a snack. She really enjoyed her chocolate pudding!

Here are several pictures of the finished project.

This closeup of my rick-rack ends doesn't look that great. But they're not that noticeable unless you're about 6 inches away!

I love the way it turned out! I only had about $15 in the project, most of which was the cost of the book of scrapbook paper (half off at HL). And I didn't use near all of it, so I will have it on hand for future use.

I'm hoping to finish this room soon. I'll post pictures when I do.


  1. I love this idea! So creative and fun! It turned out great.

  2. Cute, cute, cute! Love that idea! Might have to copy that one ;) Blessings!
    ~ Anna Marie

  3. Awesome! I love scrapbook paper, you can do so much with it! This looks wonderful!