Monday, July 27, 2009

Oil Paintings

My son dabbles around with painting. He has since he was just a kid. I always tried to get him to take is seriously and take lessons or something, but he never did. Now he regrets it! Anyway, I wanted to post a couple of his pictures.

This one is kind of different. But I have to admit, it does look striking hanging in his room. He gets a lot of comments about it.

This is one he did for his older sister. She saw one like it and wanted him to do a similar one for her. He is actually still working on it. He's repainting the field of flowers - he said it looked like a field of blood!

He just completed this one. You might remember this. Well, his younger sister, who loves red, fell in love with the print on the napkin and asked if he could do her an oil painting like it. So he did this painting for her birthday.

I know my pictures don't do his paintings justice, and he would probably kill if he knew I had put inferior photographs of his work on my blog, but I wanted to show these to you. And there's just something about having a real oil painting hanging on your wall!

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