Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Beautiful Star Ornaments

I love reading blogs. I love the ideas that are shared. I especially love simple crafty things. Like these beautiful ornament stars I found at House Revivals. They are absolutely gorgeous!

I've made several of these. I even showed around ninety women from our church at our annual Christmas party how to make them. Talk about a challenge!

I took the idea from House Revivals and changed things up a bit. Instead of pages out of a book, I used card stock and scrapbook paper, which I then spray painted.

Here are the steps I followed, which are the same as House Revival's, but with a few more pictures for us extreme visual learners, and using card stock instead of book pages.

Cut strips of paper 1/4 " by 8" long. These were left over from the Christmas party.

For the simple star, use 12 strips, plus 1 for the hanger
For the more complex star, use 20 strips, plus 1 for the hanger

Take 2 strips and fold them in half. This gives you the center point to begin building your star.

Glue them together, using just a dot of white glue. Here's what I used.

You can just hold it together using your finger for a few seconds. Make sure the two strips are exactly perpendicular. I forgot to take a picture of this step! But here's a picture showing them glued together, with two dots of glue for the next two strips.

Next, start weaving the remaining strips. 6 strips for the simple star, 10 for the more complex star.

I used a toothpick to dab a little glue at each intersection. Press down for a few seconds.

You will make two of these.

This is what the construction of the larger star will look like. Everything is done in the exact same way, only you weave together 5 strips each way. You will make two of these.

The next step, for the simple star, is to take two of the corner strips, gently twist them so that the bottom sides are up, then glue them together. Make sure you don't bend or crease the paper.

Do the same thing for the larger star, only glue one set back together first, as shown below. Remember, you're twisting them so that the bottoms are facing up. Make sure they come to a point before the glue sets.

Work you way around the star. They will look like this when you are finished:

Next, place the two pieces on top of each other, tops together. Weave the straight strips through the loops. It should look like this

Glue the straight strip to the points, working alternating sides of the star (opposite sides).

Make sure the ends of the straight strip don't extend past the point. Again, only a dot of glue is necessary.

For the larger star, glue the outer loop first, then the inside loop, leaving a space about the width of your strip of paper.

For some reason, my smaller star always looks like this when I get to this stage!

So I simply put a dot of glue in the very center and gently pushed the layers together.

Here is one of my mistakes! I put the bottoms together, instead of the faces, and created this 3D star! I used it for the top of the tree.

Here's how to make the hanger.

And then attach it. After I painted the star, I cut about and inch and a half off of a tinsel garland, glued the ends together, then attached it where I had added the hanger. I used hot glue for this step.

For this star, I used a textured scrapbook paper. I like the way it turned out.

If you want to change it up a bit, used colored paper, then lightly spray paint it so that the color still shows.

I hope you enjoy making these as much as I have! I've been adding them to gifts instead of bows and the recipients are loving them!


  1. Beautiful! I love that you spray painted them!

  2. Thanks, Amanda. By the way,I LOVE your blog!

  3. Amanda sent me over! I need a bit of EXTRA help with mine. They came out looking like some odd basket!!

  4. Were you able to figure it out? My second attempt turned out like little baskets. I turned them into votive candle holders!! You may have stacked them instead of putting them together face to face. Let me know if I can help.