Saturday, March 21, 2009

What Should I Do With It?

I rescued this old door from a really old abandoned house. It was calling my name. Practically jumped out and grabbed me.

My husband grudgingly loaded it in the truck - but only because my eldest daughter (who is so much like me it's scary) had picked out two doors for herself! So since he was doing it for her, he could hardly tell me no!

So now I need to figure out what I'm going to do with it. I want to use it in my guest bedroom somehow, as a decoration.
Any ideas?


  1. Oh MAN!! I would love to have this door but like you...I'd wonder what I could do with it. I see things like this all the time!!! So cute!!! I'm going to try and think of some things you could do. This is just so cute! Good find there.

  2. Two ideas! you can add 2 8x10 photos in each slot and cover with glass, hang on the wall vertical. or since you love sayings. Put it in your office or kitchen paint the edges white and the slots with chalkboard paint and write you favorite sayings on. Hang an eraser and a piece of chalk from the door knob on a string!