Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My First Canning Experience!

I just had to show you one of my late summer projects. Eleven pints of salsa made from tomatoes and bell peppers from our garden!! My grandma would be so proud!! You, too, Mom! I also did several quarts of just plain tomatoes.

Although I grew up with a grandmother and a mother who canned and froze everything they could get their hands on, it just never "took" with me. I think maybe I had to pick too many strawberries and cherries and elderberries and goose berries and peaches and apricots and apples (just to name a few) when I was a kid. So when I decided to can salsa, I had to call my little sister and my daughter for directions and advice. Sad, I know!!

But it was actually pretty easy and fun! I'll definitely be doing more of it next summer.

I also put some okra and squash in the freezer. I even froze some tomatoes! My grandma and mom always canned tomatoes, but a couple of friends said they freeze them. Ever hear of doing that? We'll see how that turns out when I try them this winter!

I'm one of those strange people who loves winter. But, boy, am I missing my garden!!

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