Saturday, January 10, 2009

Simple Groom Cake

I also made this Groom Cake for my daughter's wedding. It was very simple. I made a two layer cake using 14" pans which I covered it with buttercream as well as a single layer 6" cake. I used a sheet of black foam to make the tuxedo. I cut each top edge to make the "V" when it was put on the cake. I then attached it with buttercream, added black fondant buttons and a bow.

I cringe when I look at the top of the cake! I do a much better job of smoothing the icing now. This cake and the wedding cake in the previous cake were made just a few months after I completed the Wilton cake decorating course.

Sparkly Blue & Silver Wedding Cake

This cake was made for my daughter's wedding by my sister-in-law and myself. It was my first attempt at a wedding cake and I was overwhelmed!! I would not recommend the mother of the bride doing the wedding cake if she is also coordinating the wedding! I had previously arranged for help if I needed it and I did! I baked the cake, made the decorative arrangements, and iced the bottom two layers. My sister-in-law then took over and iced the rest of the cake, put it together and added the arrangements and ribbon. A real joint effort!

The bottom layer was a home-made marble cake recipe that wanted to fall apart. The other layers were made from box cake mixes, and all were frozen beforehand. The wedding was blue and silver and we had some trouble getting the right shade of blue but it turned out pretty close. The arrangements were made out of floral picks which I picked up on chearance at Michael's and Hobby Lobby after Christmas. I made these well ahead of time.

I used 16", 14", 12" and6" inch pans. I had intended to use smaller plates for the two top layers so they wouldn't show, but I failed to explain what I wanted to do to my sister-in-law, so the plates were showing. However, using smaller plates may have created a balance problem, so that may be the only way it would work.

As I said, I was overwhelmed by this experience, and it scared me off making any more wedding cakes - until now, two and a half years later! I'll let you know how my next experience goes.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Simple Flower Cake

Here's another cake I made for another granddaughter's birthday this summer!
With this party, there was no theme other than bright-colored napkins and plates with a vibrant balloon design. I had a short amount of time to decorate, so I went to the store with an open mind. These vibrant flowers jumped out at me so I bought them on impulse thinking I could incorporate them somehow with the table decorations. This is what I came up with instead.
With a cake like this, you could use several different colors of plates and napkins separately or mixed together.
This cake was made using a ten inch cake for the bottom and a six inch cake for the top. I used the push-in type pillars for the top layer. Both cakes were iced with standard white buttercream icing. I put a shell border around the bottom of both cakes, though you couldn't see it after I added the flowers. I used ribbon in coordinating colors on each layer to finish it off.
This is just another idea of a simple cake a beginner decorator can put together rather quickly.