Monday, June 1, 2009

Edwards/Jaeger Wedding

Over the weekend a couple who grew up with my children were married and I did their wedding cakes. I was just a wee bit nervous about it, since this was my first big wedding. But all went well and the bride and groom were happy. That's what matters to me!

The wedding cake was five tiers and three different flavors. I used a classic buttercream icing, smooth finish, then added dots. The bride didn't want a shell border so I hand-rolled fondant pearls. Loads of fun!! The roses are real.

The groom's cake was chocolate (buried under all those noodles!!). I used a real butter buttercream icing for the noodles. The "sauce" is strawberry jam, to which I added a very small amount of yellow gel and white coloring. The meatballs are truffles. The cake itself was chocolate iced smooth with a chocolate fudge frosting.
(The spaghetti cake was featured in a previous blog)


  1. What a beautiful wedding cake! I really would like to learn how to decorate cakes, especially since we have so many birthdays to celebrate and soon there will be one more (only 30 more days til my grand daughter makes her appearance, Lord willing).

  2. You should go for it! Making a birthday cake for a grand child is especially fun and rewarding. Mine pick their's out months in advance!

  3. I LOVE that spaghetti cake!! How fun!

  4. Hello. Stopping by off...Cake Wrecks maybe. I was perusing blogs. Anywhooo, HOW do you get the buttercream to look so good? I can't get smoothness to save my life.