Monday, June 1, 2009

Big Announcement!!

During the Memorial Day weekend, we had a big surprise. Our granddaughter, Emily, showed up at our house wearing a shirt with a message. She's going to be a big sister!!

I was busy cooking and didn't notice the shirt, so they finally had to tell me to read it. Our newest grand baby will arrive around the first of January. We're definitely thinking blue!!

We had her pose for this picture so I could show you the shirt - she wasn't too happy about it! And her skirt is missing - sorry!

She is so dramatic!

She wouldn't smile for anything. We worked with her for about five minutes just trying to get her to stand still.
Then her cousin, James, who is seventeen, showed up, and she instantly became a different person!! He simply told her to smile, and she did!! Not fair!

I chased her all over the place trying to get a good picture of her bow to show you!!

Her mommy makes these bows and supplies several stores in our area.

Since Emily's mommy makes bows, she is very rarely without one. She has got so used to wearing them that she notices immediately if it's missing. And she knows better than to pull them out of her hair!
One Sunday morning during worship service, Emily crawled under the pew to retrieve something she had dropped and knocked her bow out of her hair in the process. She felt for it on her head, looked around for it in a panic, and when she couldn't find it, she proceeded to yank the bow out of her cousin's hair (she's two months younger than Emily), who happened to be standing next to her, and stuck it on top of her own head!! Needless to say, it caused quite a ruckus!!
Emily's mommy is going to sell bows on Etsy in the near future. I'll post about it here when she does. She just has to get past the morning sickness first!!


  1. Congratulations on another grandbaby! Those bows are really cute. I'll be keeping them in mind for my grand daughter.

  2. You let me know when the time comes and I'll send you one free.