Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wedding Cookies

What a busy week!! My daughter, Ruth, and I made three hundred wedding cookies for Ruth's brother-in-law's wedding!

Here are the pics I managed to get, although some are of the cookies already in their baggies.
We did sixty of each shape.

Entwined hearts:

I wasn't really excited about how these turned out. I'll definitely be trying different things with these next time.

Wedding Cakes:

I glazed these and Ruth did the detail work. I love how they turned out!!


I love these!! They're probably my favorites.

Diamond Ring:

I like how these turned out. I especially like the one with the pointed diamond.

Wedding Dress:

These are my next favorite. There were a couple other styles, but the pics didn't turn out.

This pic shows a few more styles.

These were so much fun to do! And, yes, I would definitely do it all again!!

Congrats, Jeremy & Calah!!

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