Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nate & Jen's Wedding

Here are a few pictures of my son's wedding. My niece, who flew in from California, was the photographer. The pictures are unedited, so she's probably going to clobber me when she finds out that I already posted them! Oh, well. Several of them are candid shots.

The bride before the ceremony. Her bouquet was white roses surrounded with yellow tulips:

My granddaughter, Nicole, was one of the flower girls:

My oldest granddaughter, Natalie, served as the minature bride:

My daughters, who served as bridesmaids, with the bride. Her colors were Tiffany blue and yellow:

My husband and I with our four children:

Our entire family, including grandchild #5! We find our next week if it's a boy or a girl!!

Nate & Jen:

Nate and I:

My four children acting normal:

Nate and his brother, who also served as one of his best men:

A Sonic commercial!

And a McDonald's commercial!

My three year old granddaughter, Nicole, being carried down the aisle by her daddy. She spent most of the ceremony on my lap:

Communion during the ceremony:

Signing the marriage license. My oldest son looks like he's losing it!

A bubbly departure!

You can see pictures of the cakes I made for the reception here.

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