Sunday, May 8, 2011

More Smiley Face Cookies Bound For Vanuatu!

My son, who lives in Vanuatu, has a birthday this month, on the 24th. It's always a challenge deciding what to send him. Whatever I do decide to send has to be sent at least a month ahead of time if it's going to get there anywhere near his birthday. So it's impossible to send fresh baked goods.

But this year, we have friends who are going to Vanuatu to visit family and they offered to take a few things along!

So I made these cookies, individually wrapped them, then wrapped them in several layers of bubble wrap. They will only be four or five days old when they get to my son. The freshest cookies he's had from me in the last couple of years!!

Bon voyage, Smiley Face Cookies! May you arrive in one piece!

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