Monday, June 6, 2011

A Different Normal

Life is slowly getting back to normal for some of us here in Joplin. For others, it will be a different normal. A new normal.

New homes and new workplaces to get used to. For some, the absence of family members and friends. In spite of the chaos and destruction, businesses unaffected by the storm are open. Some who were affected by the storm have moved to new locations and have opened their doors. Others will never open again.

A week and a half after the disaster, this truck was still in the Hobby Lobby parking lot. Hobby Lobby was on the very edge of the destruction, and was open for business by Friday, only missing four days of business. What's crazy is they are in the end of a strip of businesses right next to the Wal Mart that was destroyed! I've been in Hobby Lobby several times since they reopened and it was very quiet and strangely un-busy, which is very unusual for them.

I'm a thrift store-flea market-consignment store junkie. So far, five of my regular haunts are pretty much gone, including Goodwill.

I snapped this pic as I was driving past the new Salvation Army store. They had only been in their new location for about three months. Most of the walls are still standing, but the roof is pretty much gone along with the front of the store.

And Joann's, but they were planning to move before the storm, so I'm thinking they will just reopen in their new location. I sure hope so!

On Saturday, my daughters and I put together a baby shower for a girl who is due in a couple of weeks. She lost her home and everything in it in the storm, including everything she had for the new baby. I'm happy to report that almost everything she lost has been replaced by generous people all across our country! Nursery furniture, diaper bag, car seat, everything!!

So life does get back to normal. Maybe a new normal, an unfamiliar normal, but normal, none the less. People go back to work, babies are born, weddings take place, birthday parties are attended.

Speaking of weddings, I need to get off here and start working on a wedding cake!

Have a wonder week, everyone!!

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