Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day Three

Today is Day 3. Nap-time is just over. Sylvie is currently screaming because her six year old sister has decided not to let her wear her new flip-flops.

Oops!! Hang on!

Sylvie had another accicent.

Must find the puddle! We're regressing on the potty-training, I'm afraid.

We actually went to the mall today. Just to run to Old Navy to buy the girls some flip-flops.

Then we made it through Wal Mart without any mishaps.

Had to visit the bathroom, of course. Nicole, who is three, has to visit the bathroom everywhere we go! If I remember correctly, it's a thing with girls that age!

Right now, the older two are watching Princess Diaries, which will no doubt lead to another round of dressing up as princesses (and fighting over who has to be the prince this time!).

Here are a few pictures from Day 1:

Natalie dressed up as a Princess. That's the throw off my couch. This girl has an imagination, let me tell you!!

Sylvie with her tiger ears on.

Natalie and Nicole fell asleep during their bedtime story. Sylvie did too, but I had to put her in bed so I could take a quick pic of these two.

Day 1 held quite a bit of excitement for the girls. During the evening, we had a storm blow through and we had to run to the storm shelter. After it was over, everytime the girls heard thunder, they wanted to run back to the shelter!

Day 2 was a busy day with no time to post! We had another storm in the evening. It hit just as my youngest daughter was taking the girls home with her for a few hours. The girls got soaked while running for the car, which they thought was great, of course!!

Unfortunately, they didn't fall asleep during story time this time, so it was a bit of a fight getting them to settle down for the night.

I have to work tomorrow, so my daughter is taking a turn. Should be interesting. She always tells me that she is going to remain childless after she babysits for a while!! Says watching them is great birth control!!

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