Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day 5

A quick Day 5 update.

Boy, am I glad I had my kids when I was young!!

My hat is off to those of you who are in your forties with small children.

We have friends who have kids our ages . . . and have kids our grand kids ages! I can't imagine!

Anyway . . . other than being dead tired, everything is going fine. I talked to my daughter in India last night, and she is terribly homesick. She only has twelve days to go!!

I fully intended to update everyday, but we're encountering technical problems. Both laptops and my desktop were all down at the same time. Since my husband has to have a computer for our home-based business, he went and bought another laptop. And the "a" key won't hardly work. I mean, you have to push it about ten times harder and maybe it will work. So it's back to Best Buy tomorrow. I told my husband he better just get a new one . . . it's not good sign when you start having problems with a computer that's only a couple of days old!

Back to the kids. Today their grandpa took them out for ice cream and a trip to the park. They came home with a swimming pool and water balloons!! But it kept them outside all afternoon and I got a whole lot done.

Yesterday morning when I was leaving for work (my daughter watched them for the day), Nicole, the three year old, told me, "Grandma, you can't go to work. You have kids now!" It was so sweet! Then she told my son when he left, "Remember, Nathan; I love you!" Isn't she just the sweetest thing?

Well, I have to go supervise bath time. Grandpa is covering for me while I finish this post up, and there is just no telling what he will let them do!!

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