Friday, April 17, 2009

Just Paint It and Use It Again!

I love decorating with old things - things that have character and history. I like the distressed, weathered and worn look. (I also decorate with a lot of photographs of family members, which is easy to do with a photographer in the family - but that's another blog!) I also love to give things new life with spray paint. So I hardly ever get rid of anything. And if one of my kids or grandkids gave it to me, it will be with me forever. Like I said, I like to decorate with things that have a history.

I bought this candelabra at Hobby Lobby (on clearance, of course) three years ago for my daughters wedding. It was dark brown. Her wedding was light blue and silver. So . . . . I pulled out the spray paint, and it became silver.

After the wedding, I stuck it in the attic. I really didn't have a place to use it, but since it now had sentimental meaning, it was part of the family. After we moved, I had a lot more room and could do a lot more decorating.

But the silver didn't work, so I once again pulled out the spray paint. So the once brown, then silver candelabra is now black. You can't really tell from the picture, but I kind of wiped the paint so that a little of the silver would peak through.

The frames behind the candelabra were also bought at Hobby Lobby on the clearance aisle for 90% off the original price. They are beautiful wood frames. Someday I'll do something special with them. For now, they make a nice backdrop!

The scarf covering the chest top is from Vanuatu. The natives actually wear these beautiful pieces of fabric as skirts. I think they call them sarongs.

Anyway, my son is planning to live in Vanuatu after he gets married - he's going to be a school teacher in a small villiage on one of the islands. On his most recent trip there, he picked up the scarf as a gift for me and since it has sentimental value for me, I wanted to use it somewhere in my house. So here it is!

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