Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 2 Challenge - The Desk Top

Okay, this really isn't fair. I've already looked at the pics some of the other participants of this challenge have turned in, and their before pics look nothing like my desk!!

I have a big desk - it's one of those L-shaped jobs. And believe me, the whole thing is a cluttered mess. So I'm only going to tackle the computer section of the L today. Remember, I said on Day 1 that it would take me the full 21 days just to get my office in shape!

I do a lot of bookwork. I take care of the bookkeeping for our family-owned mobile home park. Then, I take care of the bookwork and anything else that needs to be done for my son and his wife who are missionary associates in Vanuatu. My husband is self-employed in the construction field, so I have to take care of all the bookwork associated with that. Then, there are our personal bills and such.

I'm very fortunate in that I have been able to turn a bedroom into my office. The only problem is, I keep the rest of the house neat and orderly by tossing everything in the office!! It doesn't help that the walk-in closet in that room is where I keep all my craft and hobby stuff, sewing machine and all related paraphernaila, etc.

But anyway here is a before pic of the computer part of my desk.

And here's after I was done. I also got busy and organized both top drawers! And I cleaned up the shelves above the desk a bit and even replaced one that was missing. Several months back, for whatever reason, I decided that I needed it elsewhere and had never got around to replacing it. So now that's done!!

It will take me a while to get the remainder of my desk and office in shape, but at least I made real progress today.

Oh, and here's where I read my blogs and do non-work related fun computer stuff! It's in the kitchen, so it stays neat!


  1. You did an awesome job of making progress. Your picture is the first one that resembles my desk, an L-shaped one. Mine is still decorated for Christmas, which needs to be put away, before I take on the job of de-cluttering.

  2. Thank you for your comments. I managed to get the other section cleared last night before I went to bed! I just want to sit in there and stare at it! I'll post before and after pics of my office when I get it in shape.