Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 4 Challenge - The Linen Closet

I don't really have a linen closet. I live in a modular home and closets aren't a priority when they are built (they most definitely are planned by a man!).

When we remodeled before we moved in, we took a five foot section out of what was then the family room (now the dining room) and divided it into two walk-in closets, one for a bedroom and one for storage. The one for storage, with dimensions of 4'-8" by 5'-7", is what I would probably call the linen closet, except it has just about everything but linen in it! So I guess that's the closet I'll tackle today.

As you can see from these before pictures, it is home to a variety of "stuff." Most of this stuff has nowhere else to go, so here it stays! So I'll just attempt to bring order to the chaos!

And after:

I was able to completely eliminate one stack of shelves! And I got rid of all the boxes I was saving for "someday." I frequently send packages to my son in Vanuatu, so I had a good reason for keeping those boxes! But since I usually use Priority Mail and they give you free boxes, why was I keeping them? Not sure about that one.

I put all the like dishes together, organized the games, swept and dusted and threw out a huge trash bag of junk!

I'm lovin' this closet now!


  1. isn't the steam mop the best thing ever invented?! I'm not sure how i survived without it, we have no carpet in our home, and that's a lot of moping. I'm thinking of going back and buying the double sided one now.

  2. It's one of the absolute best inventions, ever! I have a lot of laminate, and I go over it with one side, getting the worst up, then flip it over and finish it off with the other side. It's so much easier to keep my floors nice with it.